The newly established DP World bonded Intermodal Container Depot now provides cargo owners, consignees and shippers the ability to more efficiently control their supply chains and take advantage of the Maputo Corridor link (via the DP World Maputo Container Terminal) to the Far East, Middle East and East African markets better than before.


  1. Customs/Police/Health container examinations: Unpack/Repack
  2. Container Packing/Stuffing
  3. Container/Truck cross-docking
  4. Warehousing
  5. Full Container Storage(Bonded)
  6. Empty Container Storage
  7. Container Unpacking/Destuffing
  8. Oversize cargo storage

Clearance at Komatipoort

South African Imports can now be designated to perform final Clearance at Komatipoort as the port of entry, meaning substantial savings in supply chain costs and the benefit of superior vessel reliability via the Maputo Container Terminal.